Encrypted DAO voting using algorand blockchain

We are improving Vote Coin specifications - Allowing encrypted voting.

Please comment at encrypted voting init public commit by scholtz · Pull Request #2 · scholtz/AMS · GitHub or at the Vote Coin discord: VoteCoin

Vote Coin DAO has vote in progress to addopt this change: Please cast your vote here: Vote Coin App

Any DAO can manage their own governance using their own tokens with vote coin specifications and open source vote coin applications. The voting system allows delegation of voting power and from this change it will allow also encrypted voting.

Encrypted voting means that each member is allowed to encrypt their voting decision. This decision is stored on the blockchain in encrypted form, and no other members can see his voting decision until questioner decides to publish the encryption mnemonics.

Encrypted voting is already fully implemented in open source vote coin demo application : https://demo.vote-coin.com/ GitHub - scholtz/vote-coin-demo

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Standard update to approve encrypted voting has been approved by the Vote Coin DAO decentralized vote.

Vote Coin is now most technologically advanced blockchain voting system which is cost effecient, open source standard with open source implementation, allows knowledge based delegation of voting power, and now also ensures security of voter decisions.

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Hey @scholtz, I was trying to look for the smart contract on your GitHub but did not find it. Do you have it somewhere so I can look at the code?

hi @javier0rosas, if you tell me what you need to make a smart contract for i might consider creating it… the vote coin is primarly about storing the data to the blockchain… on how you ask a question, how you cast vote, how you delegate your voting power to someone else, how you store the result message… there is json specification for all of these … see Introduction - VoteCoin

implementation of the specs is here: GitHub - scholtz/vote-coin-demo and is running here: https://app.vote-coin.com/ and here : https://demo.vote-coin.com/

I thought Vote Coin was used for DAOs. I would imagine you need a smart contract for DAO issue voting.

no, to issue the voting DAO just needs to do self transaction with note field…

for example: Algorand Transaction


Interesting approach. I guess in order to count the votes, you would need the indexer to query the blockchain, right?

exactly… there is cheap data storage to the blockchain, and after the voting is finished, the results are calculated offchain, and submitted to the blockchain… in the long term there will be auditors payable services, or dao can count it by itself by free applications as one above…
the auditors may watch specific account, and publish the result message according to standard.
dao may even have more auditors, and if more come to the same result count, the questioner just publish the result message which may be used in smart contract to release funds, or in the github PR validation

for example this tx Algorand Transaction was a proof of milestone for algorand foundation for our grant to bring encryption voting to algorand community


Recent news from vote coin:

  • Encrypted voting standard has been approved by Vote coin DAO
  • Encrypted voting has been implemented in open source application GitHub - scholtz/vote-coin-demo
  • Algorand foundation grant milestone 1 has been reached
  • Vote coin token has been verified by Pera