Vote Coin Engagement program

Hello, please let me allow introduce the Vote Coin and its engagement program.

Vote Coin, formerly known as Algorand Message Standard 001 and implemented in AWallet was Algorand Encode Hackathon 2021 winner.

Primary purpose of vote coin specification is to allow cost effecient DAO management. Primary purpose of vote coin token is to manage specification updates.

Now we are running Encode Algorand Accelerator and created the bounty system for the Vote Coin ASA: Engagement Programs - VoteCoin

If you have any ideas for improvement of specifications, engagement programs or anything related to vote coin, please discuss it here.

Thank you

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Vote coin dao first mainnet voting was great succcess.

Question title:

Do you accept PR/1?


In the pull request is update of vote coin specification to add new message type - result message


update specifications - add result message by scholtz · Pull Request #1 · scholtz/AMS · GitHub

Voting results:

100% for yes

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According to Algoexplorer there is already 6165 active users on Vote Coin testnet.

Vote coin engagement program rocks! tutorials and new applications are in development and some of them already published.

See for example to ask any question on any asa with implementation of all six types of result calculations. Or see the discord bot that answers the vote coin questions using AI. VoteCoin