Error "asset does not exist" in Rest api

I installed the node on the server according to the documentation. But there is a problem with the rest api
For example, the following message is displayed when receiving information from an asset
What is the problem

    "message": "asset does not exist"

Hi AlgoXT,

Are you sure the asset you’re trying to query exists on the network you’re making the query against?


I also tested other methods, they also give errors. For example by running


I receive the following output:

    "amount": 0,
    "amount-without-pending-rewards": 0,
    "apps-local-state": [],
    "apps-total-schema": {
        "num-byte-slice": 0,
        "num-uint": 0
    "assets": [],
    "created-apps": [],
    "created-assets": [],
    "min-balance": 100000,
    "pending-rewards": 0,
    "reward-base": 1452,
    "rewards": 0,
    "round": 71155,
    "status": "Offline"

Which does not display account information

or with run this :


I receive the following output:

    "message": "operation not available during catchup"

I installed Node several times according to the documentation but it did not work.
I feel like I’m repeating a mistake between installation

If you’re trying to spin up a node that is connected to a public network it will take some time to catch up.

If you don’t need it to be an archival node I’d recommend setting up a non-archival node and using fast catchup, described here Install a node - Algorand Developer Portal

If you’re using the node for development I’d recommend using the Sandbox GitHub - algorand/sandbox: Algorand node sandbox, especially the dev config mode



In general, I need to receive transaction information related to liquidity.
So I have to check the transactions instantly.
Now should I install node or indexer? Or use Sandbox?

(The node is currently installed on the server and the problem that arose was solved)