Error installing Sandbox

while installing sandbox, I ran into this error. Any idea why encounter it? Again, t will it have a significant effect while working with sandbox?

Which exact OS are you using? (Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop, Ubuntu 18.04 Server in Docker, …)

You most likely are missing the root certificates in your system.
For a Debian-based OS, you should run:

sudo apt-get install ca-certificates

I use window OS. BTW I followed tutorial on github that says I should install docker, clone sandbox using the Git bash and run same command as that for Ubuntu and Mac OS. And I got that.

Have you followed exactly the steps in
In particular, are you using Git Bash with the default options selected at setup? Is it up to date?

Sandbox was not tested with another console. Cygwin or WSL are not tested for example. You must use Git Bash.

I have just tested on a fresh Windows install in a VM ( I do not see any issue.

Thank You Fabric. I will use this method. checking out for those.