Error occur while OPT-IN an ASA to my Account

Hi All, I tried the OPT-IN of an asset from my account , and I had sufficient funds in my wallet (0.1 algos). But I got this error “Failed transaction , try again later” And got a new window saying " In order to operate with the chosen asset, you must first subscribe to it. Subscription involves sending a special transaction (details here) which has a cost of 0.001 algos. "

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Hi, @Harsh_1 , welcome on the Algorand Furum!

In order to opt in for an ASA, you need an additional 0.1 Algo. (And that is true for each different type of ASA, e.g. if you want to opt in for 7 ASA with different ids, you need an additional 0.7 Algo.) So, your wallet must have a minimum of 0.2 Algo + tx fee, i.e. 0.201 Algo. But to be on the safe side, try to opt in with a balace of 0.3 Algo.

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Hi @Maugli
Thanks for the reply , It worked for me.