Euphoria - Restaking on Algorand

Euphoria: Unleashing the Power of Restaking on Algorand


Euphoria introduces a novel restaking protocol to the Algorand blockchain, drawing inspiration from the groundbreaking EigenLayer on Ethereum. By enabling users to leverage their staked Algorand for additional rewards, Euphoria aims to unlock a new era of capital efficiency, enhanced application security, and minimized security fragmentation within the network.


The burgeoning Algorand ecosystem faces a crucial challenge: scaling smart contracts efficiently while maintaining robust security and attracting developers. Existing solutions often struggle to strike a balance between these vital aspects. Euphoria emerges to address this very need, inspired by the transformative EigenLayer protocol on Ethereum.

Key Features:

  • Restaking algorand: Unleash the full potential of your staked ALGOS by earning rewards beyond base staking. Contribute to securing various applications and services built on Algorand, amplifying your returns.
  • Dual Staking Mechanism: Choose your staking path. Participate directly in consensus with native staking or leverage Euphoria’s restaking mechanism for diversified rewards and amplified security.
  • Delegated Security: Applications can seamlessly delegate their security needs to Euphoria, inheriting the collective power of all restaked ALGOS. This fosters a more robust and resilient network, reducing individual application vulnerabilities.
  • Decentralized Governance: Stakeholders (stakers, developers, and token holders) actively shape Euphoria’s future through a transparent and inclusive governance system. Vote on key parameters, fees, and development roadmap.

Potential Applications:

  • Secure dApps: DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, and other decentralized applications can leverage Euphoria’s enhanced security without managing their own validator infrastructure.
  • Scalable Layer-2 Solutions: Restingaked ALGOS contribute to securing and scaling layer-2 solutions on Algorand, facilitating faster and cheaper transactions.
  • State Oracles: Securely bridge information from external chains or off-chain data sources to on-chain applications, powered by the collective security of restaked ASAs.

Euphoria EVM: Unleashing the Power of Ethereum on Algorand


While Algorand boasts impressive performance and security, the lack of native EVM compatibility hinders developer adoption and ecosystem growth. Euphoria EVM (EEVM) bridges this gap, seamlessly integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) onto the Algorand Layer 2, powered by restaking.

Technical Design:

  • Choice of Rollup: EEVM leverages a carefully chosen rollup architecture to achieve optimal trade-offs between scalability, security, and cost.
  • Euphoria as the Base Layer: Restaked ALGOS secure both EEVM and applications directly built on Euphoria, creating a unified and robust security foundation.
  • Celestia Integration: EEVM seamlessly integrates with Celestia’s Data Availability (DA) layer, offloading storage and verification costs from Algorand’s Layer 1.
  • Full EVM Compatibility: EEVM ensures complete compatibility with existing Ethereum tools and applications, enabling effortless migration and deployment of existing EVM contracts.


  • Unmatched Scalability: Execute smart contracts on EEVM at significantly faster speeds and lower costs compared to Algorand’s Layer 1.
  • Enhanced Security: Inherit the combined security of Celestia’s DA layer and the collective stake of restaked ALGOS.
  • Developer Friendly: Attract Ethereum developers with a familiar and well-established development environment, accelerating ecosystem growth.
  • Interoperability Unchained: Facilitate seamless interaction between Algorand and Ethereum ecosystems, fostering innovation and collaboration.


Euphoria represents a paradigm shift for the Algorand ecosystem. By empowering users, applications, and developers through innovative restaking and EVM integration, Euphoria unlocks a future of unparalleled capital efficiency, enhanced security, and boundless scalability. Join us in unleashing the full potential of Algorand!

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Bridging the Developer Divide: Euphoria EVM with a Familiar Environment

While Algorand boasts impressive performance and security, attracting developers accustomed to Ethereum’s vast ecosystem remains a challenge. Euphoria EVM (EEVM) addresses this by seamlessly integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) onto the Algorand Layer 2, powered by the restaking of Algos . This creates a familiar and well-established development environment, accelerating growth and innovation within the Algorand ecosystem.

Technical Design: Empowering Developers with EVM Compatibility

EEVM primarily focuses on bridging the developer gap, not necessarily achieving significantly faster transactions compared to Algorand’s Layer 1. Instead, it offers crucial advantages:

  • Reduced Learning Curve: Developers familiar with Ethereum can effortlessly migrate their skills and existing contracts to EEVM, significantly lowering the barrier to entry and fostering faster adoption.
  • Rich Developer Ecosystem: Access a vast talent pool and established tools from the thriving Ethereum developer community, accelerating innovation within Algorand.
  • Interoperability Unchained: Facilitate seamless interaction between Algorand and Ethereum ecosystems, unlocking new possibilities for collaboration and cross-chain applications.

Unveiling a Brighter Future:

EEVM, powered by EVM compatibility and the collective strength of restaked Algos, promises to unlock a new era of developer adoption and ecosystem growth for Algorand. By offering a familiar environment alongside Algorand’s inherent security, EEVM fosters a thriving community of developers, accelerating innovation.

Imo I think “restaking” is just another layer of Ponzinomics, I’d love to see a transition away from Governance rewards purely to node-running rewards, then I think the market dynamics/economics should be studied for a bit before layering on restaking

Do you care to go into any details about how Restaking is “ponzinomics” as you call it? or are you just going to go around attacking builders who are trying something new and different. I thought this was a permissionless open blockchain. I’m not asking for funds to build this, I already secured funding. This is purely me sharing smol details about the project as I get closer to a bigger announcement.