Failing to create new Multisignature Account using goal

Hi there,

I’m helping a friend solving the following issue: she owns a node running on Ubuntu hyper-v shell. She was trying to creare a new [2/4] Multisignature Account on her wallet, but seems that something is not working properly:

$ goal account multisig new --threshold 2 <addr1> <addr2> <addr3> <addr4> -d /var/lib/algorand

Couldn't get token for wallet 'jo' (ID: xxxxxxx):
Can't acquire read lock for /root/.algorand/_var_lib_algorand/walletHandles.json: invalid argument

We weren’t able to figure out what’s going on. Anyone may help us?

Check if you are using the latest version.

algod -v should indicate 2.0.6

This issue has been fixed recently: