Bug: A typo in algo dev documentation

At the bottom of this page:

In the code of python to create multi sig address:

msig = transaction.Multisig(version, threshold, [account_1, account_2])

The 3rd parameter should be [account_1, account_2, account_3], it missed the account_3. If you check other language examples, they all contain account_3.

The python example in this page:

also have this problem:

threshold = 2  # how many signatures are necessary
msig = transaction.Multisig(version, threshold, [account_1, account_2])
print("Multisig Address: ", msig.address())

Thanks for pointing this out. Did you know the documentation is hosted in GitHub and you can contribute directly? Here is the contributing guide.

I already filed an issue here for this, but feel free to PR the change to staging if you’re up for it! Thanks again.

Got it, I didn’t realize the page is hosted in GitHub, I’ll submit PR later if found more.
Thank you, Liz.

Also, do you know where is the Alogrand official website repo hosted? I submitted another typo in a post here: Bug: duplicated conntent in algorand web page , but I didn’t find the website repo in github: Algorand · GitHub

Here it is: GitHub - algorand/docs