ARC allowing coordination of multisig signing

Here is a discussion about creating a convention for wallets to handle multisig signing.

Multisignature accounts logically represent an ordered set of addresses with a threshold and version. Multisignature accounts can perform the same operations as other accounts, including sending transactions and participating in consensus. The address for a multi-signature account is essentially a hash of the ordered list of accounts, the threshold, and version values. The threshold determines how many signatures are required to process any transaction from this multi-signature account.


  1. Alice, Bob & Charlie have a multisig Account
  2. The threshold is 2/3
  3. A transaction needs to be signed

Alice wants to sign it with a browser wallet (Wallet-1), and Bob wants to use his phone(Wallet-2). Charlie is not there.
They are not using the same wallet but should be able to sign the transaction from where they want.

Alice signs the transaction with Wallet-1, Bob signs the transaction with Wallet-2.
Due to the threshold of 2/3, Wallet-2 should send the transaction.

Now that almost every wallet support ARC-1, we need a standard for this.

Feel free to share your idea.

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Algo Builder team is building a multisig wallet (SigmaWallet), which will be responsible for:

  • creating multisig transactions,
  • signing using any web wallet provider (note: SigmaWallet doesn’t custody any keys, it delegates signing to other wallets)
  • broadcasting transactions (can be used when a final signature is done using kmd for example).

We are 70% complete, now ,mostly waiting for the wallets to provide missing features related to ARC-1 (Perra and myalgo). Algo Signer works perfectly.