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Welcome to the Front-End Byte Signing Breakout Group Discussion Thread!

This thread is dedicated to discussions related to Front-End Byte Signing.

Group Focus

  • Topic: Improving the way we can Sign Bytes through Front-End solution
  • Objective: Enhance the experience for users, dApps, and wallets when signing items that do not require an Algorand transaction on the blockchain.

Where are we?

This conversation ought to have commenced with the foundation of Algorand. Although it has been a feature of the SDK from the start, no formal standards have been established for Front-End Byte Signing.

Currently, one of the only way is to use [https://walletconnect.com/](https://Wallet connect). But even for that, no real front-end display for users has been settled.

Why do we need a front-end solution?

At present, the front-end primarily offers a standardized method for displaying and signing transactions. While some may suggest utilizing this process for authentication or validation purposes, this approach is not advisable. Creating transactions, even dummy ones, for actions like logging into dApps is problematic from both a security and an engineering/financial standpoint. Encouraging such practices poses risks and deviates from core principles.

Current Work:

We have several ARC related to the topic:

  • ARC-52 has a part related to byte signing.
  • ARC-31 propose to authenticate using byte signing.

In our recent breakout group sessions, we reviewed two ARCs and concluded to develop a third ARC specifically focused on Byte Signing.

This thread will serve as the centralized place for all discussions, ideas, and feedback related to the topic. Don’t hesitate to redirect people there.

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The byte signing ARC is ARC-60. The PR has been open for comments ARC-60 Algorand Wallet Structured Arbitrary Data Signing API by deanstef · Pull Request #284 · algorandfoundation/ARCs · GitHub