Ideas for integrating low code platform with Algorand!

Hi everyone,

I work for a software company with a low code platform and I am challenging myself on finding an interesting idea to merge the low code capabilities with Blockchain.

I have a few ideas like creating a generic component to integrate with wallet connect and a simple framework to submit transactions or contract calls on Algorand so that anyone can easily integrate with the on-chain layer.

Do you guys recommend any more ideas? From simpler tasks to even complex ones, my purpose is to create as many integrations with Algorand technology as possible!

Thanks in advance for your contribution!

A small comment:

We’re working on standardizing many aspects of Algorand:

Many of these “ARCs” are still in draft, some are only in PR.

For example ARC-5 to ARC-11 defines standards for interface with wallets, ARC-4 defines an ABI (that should make it simpler to have a UI component to make smart contract calls), ARC-3 and ARC-69 defines NFT (components displaying NFTs and/or creating them may make sense) and so on.

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