[Wallet Council][Breakoutgroup][Data Sharing between wallets and dApps]

Welcome to the Data Sharing between wallets and dApps Breakout Group Discussion Thread!

Group Focus

  • Topic: Data Sharing between wallets and dApps.
  • Objective: Find the format and the communication channel.
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Some bullet points I wrote up during the meeting. Below are proposals for the kind of stuff we need for different methods/standards. Happy to formalize it a bit more later.

Messaging Standard

  • JSON interface { method: string, params?: any }
  • All methods must be prefixed with arcxxxx_


  • connect multiple accounts
  • account types (EOA, ARC58, etc.)
  • dApp can request specific account(s)
  • signal which methods the wallet supports
  • dApp → Wallet: { method: 'connect', params?: { accounts?: string[] } }
  • wallet → dApp: { accounts: { address: string, type: 'EOA' | 'ARC58'}[], supportedMethods: string[] }

Transaction Signing

  • auth addrs
  • auth addr types (EOA, ARC58, etc.)
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