[Wallet Council][Meeting Notes][2024/03/15] Open Discussion

Hello Algorand!

In our continuous pursuit of transparency and to foster open communication within our vibrant community, I’m delighted to bring you the highlights and critical insights from our latest Wallet Council meeting. This bi-monthly update is designed to keep you informed and engaged, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts, feedback, and to encourage discussions on the matters at hand.

Meeting Recap: 15th of March, 2024

The detailed public meeting notes are available for your review here: Algorand Wallet Council 2024-03-15 Meeting Notes.

Breakout groups:

  1. Data Sharing between Wallets & dApps: To get involved, please visit: Wallet Council Breakout Group - Data Sharing between Wallets and dApps.
  2. Transaction Scam Prevention: We need your help to combat scam activities in transaction notes. Join the conversation here: Wallet Council Breakout Group - Transaction Scam Prevention.

Feel free to share your ideas, concerns, or suggestions about any of the topics discussed. If there’s anything specific you’d like the Council to address in our next meeting, please let us know!

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chatGPT: Here’s a version that a 14-year-old might find more understandable:

“We believe it’s important to be clear and open, so I’m excited to share the key points and important information from our latest Wallet Council meeting. We update you every two months to keep you in the loop and involved. We’re keen to hear your opinions, get your feedback, and discuss any issues you’re interested in.”

@StephaneBarroso I am not a native speaker, you know…

Me neither, but I get your point! I will take this in consideration for upcoming posts.