Feedback requested for guide: Setting up an Algorand consensus participation server on Oracle Cloud for free


I wrote a guide for how to set up a Participation node, from scratch, for free (utilizing Oracle Cloud free tier, for better or worse)

It is currently first draft-ish but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Check it out here:

Known to be missing:

  • auto update instructions. on my nodes the updater script does update on a crontab but doesn’t restart the algod service - need to figure that out first before I “teach” others

  • participation key signing without algofi vault


Is it latest Mac OS compatible?

Edit: Checked it out anyway, very impressed!! Still not sure after looking if it will work on any of my Mac books but this is a great resource nonetheless!!

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Thank you for your kind words!

If you mean running the client side stuff - generate ssh key & connect to a server, then 99% yes

To run the node on Mac you would need to adapt the instructions presumably but the gist of the same.

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Very nice work indeed then!! xD

I’m hoping we can talk Folks Finance into offering the same option as Algofi in terms of being able to use committed algo for consensus via this method. Honestly, I think it should be a standard for any protocol that wants to incorporate liquid governance.

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