Future Governance Proposal to shift some Governance rewards to Dev Tooling grants

I think once we get xGov + governance sorted a bit more, something that could be a great example of what to vote on may be to re-allocate some funds for Dev tooling. For instance, right now, 282m Algo is awarded through governance per year. At 40c a token, it’s $112,000,000 a year. One of the things that makes Ethereum appealing despite worse tech than Algorand is the amount of dev tools and existing dev stacks that exist there, making Eth a safe choice in some regards for businesses (Algorand’s main target market). What if we voted to take 15% of governance rewards and create a pool for dev tooling grants?

I think it’s important to use governance measures voted on by the community to re-allocate any funds at all inside governance rewards, and these could be good examples of what future votes may look like.


i second this and should even be now not after xgov but i think they’re starting to focus on this. John Woods, foundation’s new CTO made it one of his top goals as well as Paul, CPO of .inc. Hopefully, they see it through

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I really like this idea. And a lot more than the recent defi-centric proposals. This adds real value to the ecosystem.

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