Governance Implementation

have we got any updates on the Governance 2 - Creating an xGov Tier and more importantly Governance 3 - Approve the mechanism for community proposals?

starting to really think whether this governance exercise is for cosmetic purposes, since there has been no follow up, no implementation and not a peep from the Foundation. do they even have members of the team following up on implementation?

apart from getting rewards (ALGO is at all time low against ETH), there is no engagement, discussions or explanation for Governance 4. honestly not sure what the Foundation is doing, they have ideas but execution of every single initiative has been nothing but poor. just pouring resources into ideas and projects without any follow up or accountability to the community.

if the price of ALGO isn’t down so much and 95% of all holders are at a loss, there really should be a lot more adoption. pity how governors have dropped in every consecutive quarters and the community literally has no voice in any matters.

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Sir there is literally a thread for Gov Period 4 with the Foundation engaging.