Get transactions for a given group-id

How to get all the transactions for a given group id?

Found this issue but it is still open

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The Rand Labs Indexer has an extension for this use case.

Example (curl):

$ curl -s '' | jq '.transactions[] .id'

Example (js algosdk):

const algosdk = require('algosdk');

let indexerClient = new algosdk.Indexer("", "", "443");

(async()=> {

    let response = await indexerClient
        .do({'X-Param-Group-ID': 'gLxPgPd6gsfrOkn0O5UA+WK+10CFL7vLrFPOrXfYuMs='}) // pass a custom parameter via HTTP request headers

    for (let i = 0; i < response['transactions'].length; i++) {
})().catch(e => {


Thanks, @agodnic, But this works only with algoexplorer indexer right?
What Iā€™m looking for is out of the box indexer.