Getting error while executeTransfer function

I am getting this error when trying to transfer asset from owners account to buyers account. Can somebody help me here to find what I am doing wrong here:

Received status 400: TransactionPool.Remember: transaction V4XP55JZWMIM4LVMJIHS2K3VI5EMB3QS62KKFMFTEASBFBYBYQNQ: logic eval error: receiver error: must optin, asset 145047366 missing from 33H5EMCRX7HV2BQOCW55KNQRW7U5GUTAD4XIDVJ67NSLMRFRHVK4EHXB5Q. Details: pc=760, opcodes=global MinTxnFee
itxn_field Fee

Here is my react code:

const executeTransfer = async () => {
  const nftID = 145047366;
  const params = await algodClient.getTransactionParams().do();
  params.fee = 1000;
  params.flatFee = true;

  const enc = new TextEncoder();
  const note = enc.encode("executeTransfer");

  const app_args = [

  const execute = await algosdk.makeApplicationCallTxnFromObject({
    appIndex: 145047401,
    foreignAssets: [nftID],
    onComplete: OnApplicationComplete.NoOpOC,
    suggestedParams: params,
    appArgs: app_args,

  console.log("execute", execute)

  const signedTxn = await myAlgoConnect.signTransaction(execute.toByte());

  let groupedSignedTxns = []

  const response = (await algodClient.sendRawTransaction(groupedSignedTxns).do());
  console.log("response", response)

And here is my pyteal code for execute transfer function:

royaltyFee = App.globalGet(Constants.royaltyFee)
    collectedFees = App.globalGet(Constants.collectedFees)
    feesToBePaid = ScratchVar(TealType.uint64)
    executeTransfer = Seq([
        Assert(Gtxn[0].application_args.length() == Int(1)),                            # Check that there is only 1 argument
        Assert(Global.group_size() == Int(1)),                                          # Check that is only 1 transaction
        defaultTransactionChecks(Int(0)),                                               # Perform default transaction checks
        Assert(App.localGet(seller, Constants.approveTransfer) == Int(1)),              # Check that approval is set to 1 from seller' side
            And(seller != buyer,
                App.localGet(buyer, Constants.approveTransfer) == Int(1)),              # Check approval from buyer' side
            Global.round() > App.globalGet(Constants.waitingTime)                       # Alternatively, the seller can force the transaction if enough
                + App.localGet(seller, Constants.roundSaleBegan))),                     # time has passed
        Assert(serviceCost < amountToBePaid),                                           # Check underflow
        checkNFTBalance(seller, App.globalGet(Constants.AssetId)),                      # Check that the seller owns the NFT                                                             # Reduce number of subroutine calls by saving the variable inside a scratchvar variable
            If(seller == App.globalGet(Constants.Creator)).Then(Int(0))                 # Compute royalty fees: if the seller is the creator, the fees are 0
            .Else(computeRoyaltyFee(amountToBePaid - serviceCost, royaltyFee))),        
        Assert(Int(2 ** 64 - 1) - feesToBePaid.load() >= amountToBePaid - serviceCost), # Check overflow on payment
        Assert(Int(2 ** 64 - 1) - collectedFees >= feesToBePaid.load()),                # Check overflow on collected fees
        Assert(amountToBePaid - serviceCost > feesToBePaid.load()),
        transferAsset(seller,                                                           # Transfer asset
        sendPayment(App.globalGet(Constants.royalty_addr), feesToBePaid.load()),        # Pay seller
        App.globalPut(Constants.collectedFees, collectedFees + feesToBePaid.load()),    # Collect fees
        App.localDel(seller, Constants.amountPayment),                                  # Delete local variables
        App.localDel(seller, Constants.approveTransfer),
        App.localDel(buyer, Constants.approveTransfer),

Welcome to Algorand!

If you look at the error, it says:

receiver error: must optin, asset 145047366 missing from 33H5EMCRX7HV2BQOCW55KNQRW7U5GUTAD4XIDVJ67NSLMRFRHVK4EHXB5Q

The issue seems to be that the recipient of the asset transfer did not opt in to the asset.

To receive an asset, an account always needs to opt in first.

Thank you @fabrice that was the issue and I was able to solve this error.