Goal Clerk Issue

Hello Everyone, I am haivng issue with Goal particularly I guess there is some mismatch with the algod configuration, I want to run goal using sandbox.

Cannot contact Algorand node: open /root/node/data/algod.net: no such file or directory.
i would be glad is someone helps me in cleaning algod config and reinstalling system according to sandbox and goal node.

Having goal installed locally and using sandbox are typically two separate things. Most people will not have both installed.

Once you have sandbox downloaded, you will want to use ./sandbox goal in place of goal when you read about using a goal command. So for example to list the accounts in your sandbox, you would type ./sandbox goal account list

With that said, it is possible to use goal and have it interact with your running sandbox instance, however you won’t find details of this anywhere. What you will need to do is modify the algod.net file and point it to the sandbox IP and port which will be additionally the algod.token file needs to have the 64 “a” of the characters.

I would advise you use sandbox directly rather than using goal locally, at least to start with.