How to use Goal

Before now, I’m quite conversant with using Algorand Python SDK but with limited functionalities. How do I install goal? Does it come with the algosdk?

@ddev from reading your other posts, I’m confident you already have the Algorand “node” algod running locally. Therefore, you should find the other CLI Tools (goal, algokey and algod) in the same installation directory (default: ~/go/bin). If you have that in your $PATH just type goal -h to get started.

A detailed tutorial to Access BetaNet Network using your own node and goal is here for others looking for a more complete answer.

No I don’t. I only have been using an end-point. Was setting up a sandbox when I lost my pc and one I use now is a friend’s and can’t install node on it. But this will be useful for me when I’m ready to reinstall.

As @ryanRfox suggested, goal comes with a node installation.
You can use a sandbox and try to use goal there.

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