Goal clerk sign --logic-sig

What does "goal clerk compile --logic-sig " requires as argument? It requires a filename all right, but NOT fname.teal.tok.

fname.teal.tok: decode failed, msgp: attempted to decode type "int" with method for "array"

I don’t think --logic-sig is a valid argument for goal clerk compile.
What exact command did you type?
What were you trying to achieve?

Sorry, correction: goal clerk sign --logic-sig fname

I am trying to use fname.teal.tok, not the ususal “-p fname.teal” solution, because after
‘algodclient.compile(data).do();’ (JS) only the compiled TEAL format is available – in b64 coding.

ANd yes, I know, how to sign a txn from the API, my question is, can I use the compiled TEAL
program somehow in the command line command “goal clerk sign”?

It looks like the best solution might be to decompile the TEAL script goal clerk compile -D test.teal.tok > test.teal and then use goal clerk sign --program test.teal.