Is possible to compile a smart contract (teal program) using docker sandbox? Or i need to run a node?

I need to compile a teal program to understand how the smart contract world works. I try to compile with goal clerk compile command, but when i do it i receive an error: there isn’t . Thanks :slight_smile:

What error do you get?

Inside sandbox, with ./sandbox enter, I can do:

algorand@1116903d7142:/opt/algorand/node$ echo "// simple.teal
// Do not use this in a real application
int 0" > simple.teal

algorand@1116903d7142:/opt/algorand/node$ goal clerk compile simple.teal

algorand@1116903d7142:/opt/algorand/node$ ls simple.teal*
simple.teal  simple.teal.tok

You can transfer files between sandbox and the outside as follows:

docker cp sandbox:/opt/algorand/node/simple.teal.tok simple.teal.tok
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Thank you very much :slight_smile: