Compile TEAL from javascript SDK

Hi Team,

What is the best way to compile TEAL contract from front end react App ?
i know currently javascript SDK doesn’t have this support, and we have to write our own rest endpoint to accept TEAL contract, then compile and return the address.

Today i saw this commit on algorand:

I think this is what i’m looking for.
I guess this is for V2 release.

When are you planning to rollout this v2 version of endpoint’s and SDK’s supporting the endpoints?

That is exactly why this endpoint is being created. We hope to have it out mid to late summer.

thanks Jason.
I started building web editor for TEAL smart contracts which is an extension for asset management portal.
using this, users can compile test and push smart contracts to chain. i’m half way through but blocked because of this. Will wait for v2 release and continue after that.

Yea that is probably the best option unless you want to implement a rest endpoint to do the compile.