How to Work With TEAL

I am working on learning TEAL. However, one of the problems I am running into is how to interact with the blockchain through the command line. I have been using chatGPT to learn the structures and syntax for TEAL code, but I have not been able to find a mechanism for deployment. One suggestion from chatGPT was:

goal clerk compile program.teal

But, the problem is there is no clear way to install goal, nor a description of the requirements. For example, in one post, How to install goal, it appears to use to TEAL you may need to run a node, which creates a whole new host of installation problems. For this purpose, I do not want to run a node if possible.

Ultimately, I am looking for a command line tool to deploy TEAL programs. Thanks!

The simplest way to develop smart contracts on Algorand is now to use algokit, which provides higher -level tooling than TEAL as well as all the required utilities.

Here is the quick start: AlgoKit quick start - Algorand Developer Portal
The quick start includes explanations on how to deploy your first smart contract.

That being said, you can install goal without running a full node: Install a node - Algorand Developer Portal
It will install a node and you may need to run it just to initialize it, but then you can stop the node and use goal clerk compile.

Thank you, @fabrice.

I usually compile teal code on the algod server like this

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