Where can i get information on learning Teal

Where can I get information on learning Teal, aside from the homepage


TEAL is like the assembly language. Like you don’t program on assembly on your computer, now you usually don’t program in TEAL for Algorand.

If you are interested in building smart contracts, for Algorand, I recommend using Beaker or at least PyTEAL.
Beaker is so much more user-friendly but is in beta. So if you need to go to production very quickly, I would not recommend necessarily. But otherwise, go for Beaker!

There is a Beaker tutorial there: Usage — Beaker documentation
and then many examples there: beaker/examples at master · algorand-devrel/beaker · GitHub

For PyTEAL, you can start with Build with Python - Algorand Developer Portal

If you really want to learn TEAL, then there are many more pages on the documentation website (The smart contract language - Algorand Developer Portal): look at the menu on the right. On a small screen, the menu is moved to the top. (click on the banner with a home).

Finally, if you come from a web2 background, you may prefer using Reach: https://www.reach.sh/ which is another way to build Algorand (& Ethereum) smart contracts using a JS-like language. On top of this, it allows to prove automatically security properties on the smart contract.