Converting Teal code to PyTeal

Hi All,
Are there any tooling that converts Teal code to PyTeal for easier readability?

For those like me who just got started studying Algorand, having to deal with Teal when reading deployed smart contracts from day one is a bit combursome.

You cannot easily convert PyTeal to TEAL if you don’t have the PyTeal code.

If you have the PyTeal code and want to debug the TEAL code, then you can easily map the TEAL code to the PyTeal code following Pyteal 0.24.0: Sourcemapping! | Algorand Developer Portal

If you want to read smart contracts from someone else to understand them, you may want to try checking if the smart contracts are open source.

Note that not all smart contracts are written in PyTeal to begin with. TinyMan is written in Tealish (GitHub - tinymanorg/tinyman-amm-contracts-v2: Tinyman AMM Contracts V2) for example.