Teal compile not found

From JavaScript I try:

let results = await compile_contract(teal_src);


POST http://localhost:43839/v2/teal/compile
404 Not found

What could be the cause of this error?

Do you have your node running?
Look in your data folder for a file named algod.net. Open it and verify its set to port 43839.

You also need to set EnableDeveloperAPI in the config.json file in the data folder.

Thank you, Fabrice. It solved my problem.

But there is another question: I get a new port number in algod.net every time after I stop and start the node. Is it normal and expected? Can’t the port number be “fixed down” to a given value somehow? The environment is: VirtualBox, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Algorand node installed with ??? I don’t remember it now, but I update with

./update.sh -c stable -p ~/n_test1 -d ~/n_test1/data_testnet

Just set it in config.json: field EndpointAddress, see Node Configuration Settings - Algorand Developer Portal