Governance Period 6 Draft Measures - Community Check In

hi @Adri

is the voting public on adding the Vote Coin to this list public?

Have you personally voted
A) In favor to add it in the list
B) Against
C) Committee did not even vote on the matter

i see

Update 30 March 2023
Newly approved ASAs added to the white-list: Vestige, Chips, Defly and Bank.

Vote Coin reached $100000 TVL just before SEC announced that Algo is security.

With comparision with Planets token which is in the list, the vote has current TVL $ 91,073 and planets token has TVL $ 54,256

How is that fair that the vote coin is not in the list and Planets is on the list?

There wasn’t a vote. The applications either met the required criteria or didn’t, and the committee reviewed all the applications. The cut-off date was in the week after the voting session finished.

At the time we closed applications, all listed assets met the criteria.

To be clear, the purpose of the ASA white list is to provide the DeFi projects with a public criteria to measure their TVL, independently of third-party tools like Defillama.

After calculating each project’s share of the 5M ALGO in rewards (as shown in the figure below), the ASA list has no influence on which assets can be utilized in each project’s rewards program.

Each DeFi project has complete discretion in running its own rewards program, provided they publish (a) its plan to use the rewards before they get the funds and (b) a report of rewards distribution at the end of the quarter.


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Will this 5M DeFi boost continue in next Governance period if xGovs do not propose any changes to it?
or will they have to propose this every time separately?

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I believe this was just for the current GP and the measure included terms for what to do with any funds not distributed to return to the General Governance reward pool, if I’m not mistaken.

Ok. That is not good. Do you have any info if there is any plans/proposals to continue this DeFi boost program?

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Yes, it was only applicable for GP7, but we are including a repeat for GP8 in the measures being released for community feedback today. Keep an eye out here. They should be online soon.