GP12 DeFi Rewards (TDR) Proposal - Humble DeFi

Hello my friends,

Hope you all have been doing well.

As GP12 TDR are now up and live we wanted to create a very simple program as we look to refocus our initiatives. With losing out on TDR last quarter, it has seen a great outflow of TVL on our platform and our allocation this period is much less than prior. Our allocation is projected at 45,162 Algo.

So we are keeping it very simple and putting it all to the most key pair:

100% ALGO/USDC - 45,162

Let us know your thoughts :slight_smile:


Thanks Shaman… proposal makes sense to me :saluting_face:

It just highlights how much of a self-inflicting wound TDR and NFT rewards have become with per-project voting… missing out is an accelerated death spiral.

Miss out on a TDR = Reduced TVL = Reduced allocation = Harder to attract TVL

Kinda scary that this situation can playout even if you miss a vote allocation by a single percent. I thought there was enough community push back to avoid us doing it all over again for GP12… but here we are.

Good luck!


Thanks Stitch, I appreciate that acknowledgement.

It is unfortunate I agree. We have been making moves behind the scenes to try and get us into a better position that we think will be good for the overall ecosystem, and we are looking forward to sharing this (sorry we have hinted this and its taken MUCH longer than we expected). I think would this not be the case, we would be in a very very tough position. No pain no gain though I guess :slight_smile:


I’ll vote for humble again, as i did previous period :slight_smile: Hope it passes, but yeah as stitch said - it’s painful to watch TDR hurting the eco in their current form.