GP9 Measures DRAFT - NFT Rewards

NFT Rewards Approval and Allocation

The NFT Rewards Program effect has gone beyond volume growth, as shown in our latest progress report, and proved to be a source of attention from platforms and users on other chains strengthening our positioning among other top NFT chains. Here are some examples from Q4.

Considering that NFT rewards are subtracted from the amount available for general rewards, we have a measure seeking governors’ approval to run the NFT rewards program in Q1 and a measure seeking the approval of 650K Algo for the program in Q1, an increase of 150K from Q4’s deployment.

(The Foundation supports option A on both measure below.)

Measure - Should we run the NFT Rewards program in Q1/2024?

A. Yes
B. No

Measure - How much for NFT rewards in Q1/2024?

A. Allocate 650K Algo
B. Allocate 500K Algo