Hi Pera just like ledger is connected to Pera could you have a couple more hardware added

Hi guys

Just like Ledger Dcent has added support for algo so it only makes sense to also add Dcent to your list of hardware wallet signers .


Can you guys add this wallet as i think its abit safer than your keys on a hot wallet pera…

While i am here i may aswell put this out there also could you also add this other hardware wallet,

It would be even more amazing if your also able to add AIRGAP.IT as it has a hardware wallet part called the Airgap Vault which you could also add and use to sign any transaction from Pera… They have framework ready for chains to use to add there coins . The tool they have is called Isolated modules which assists you in adding your chain to the wallet… this would then enable you to add the Airgap vault to Pera which protects your keys and signs txs . I guess this requires one more step than D’CENT BUT you will be assisting the cause to protect our Algo.

Thanks :blush: