Algorand Ledger Nano X issues


I am a bit confused around Ledger Nano X related issues. Here is what I did:

  1. Create a standard account in the algorand wallet app
  2. Create a ledger nano x backed account in the wallet app a week later when I received the nano x.
  3. Rekeyed the account created in step 1 to the nano x as I wanted to keep the account number as my main account
  4. Deleted account 2

This has had the following consequences:

  1. In general, both accounts work as intended.
  2. However algos in account 1 no longer earn rewards
  3. Transfers from account 1 fail if I remove account 2 (with an error saying the app expected account 2 to be present)

Can someone explain if this is expected behaviour and/or how to fix it. Ideally, I would like account 1, ledger backed, earning rewards (and no account 2)


Hey there,

Can I ask whether you sent a Max transaction (your full balance) from either account? There’s currently an issue where sending your full balance on a rekeyed account actually reverts it back to the original key.

If you think this is your issue, then there will be a patch coming in about a week which should resolve it.

A workaround for now would just be to remove your accounts and re-pair them. Just make sure you’re keeping your passphrases for the original account and ledger device (of course).

If you think that isn’t your situation, let me know, and we can dive deeper. If you prefer to have this conversation in private, you can email at


I have not tried a max transaction. I think my issue is different and happy for now to discuss here, so others can comment if relevant. I use the Apple version of the app.

I also have one new observation. I just transferred 10 Algos from account 1 to account 2. Previously account 2 had a balance of zero. After the transfer, account 1 is receiving reward updates again.

So it seems to me like there is some hierarchical setup between the two accounts, i.e.

If I delete account 2, account 1 cannot be accessed anymore. If I re-add account 2, it works again.

If account 2 has a balance of zero, account 1 does not earn rewards (or at least not showing an update for them, i.e. always showing ‘you have earned zero rewards since your last transaction’).

Please let me know what other info I can provide to help sort this out.

When you say that your account 1 no longer earns rewards, what do you mean exactly? If you send a transaction to that account, you will “claim” your pending rewards. If you send your account address(es), we can take a look and see if there’s any problem with your account earning rewards.

In the Algorand Wallet, when I clicked on 'rewards since last transaction;, the counter would always say zero, even after a day. When I did a transaction into the account, rewards were correctly added. So rewards did work, but the wallet did not increment them on the display.

Just making sure: your wallet has more than a single Algo, correct ?
The minimal amount needed to earn rewards is 1 Algo.

yes, it had more than 1 algo in it, like i said, after i did a transfer it included the rewards.

Please send your account address and we can take a look.

I’m really not sure what the problem is. Your last transaction 6 days ago “claimed” you 3.87792 rewards. What do you see when you tap on the rewards info button (on the Algo card). Can you send a screenshot like the one I sent of my test account?


A screenshot will not be useful as it won’t reveal much. Instead, can I suggest you try the same sequence that I put in my first post, namely:

  1. Create a standard account in the algorand wallet app
  2. Create a ledger nano x backed account in the wallet app
  3. Rekey the account created in step 1 to the nano x
  4. Deleted the account created in step 2

After these 4 steps, the issue I had was that account 1 was not accessible anymore. The app kept complaining it required account 2 to transfer money from account 1.

After I re-instated account 2, I could use account 1 again. However, now the problem was that the ‘rewards counter’ for account 1 was permanently stuck on zero. After I transferred algo into account 1, I did earn the rewards and the counter started working again.

I’m still stuck with 2 accounts in my algo wallet, when all I want is one account - is this possible or is the only way to have a ledger backed account to have in fact 2 accounts??

We’ll try that out, although I’d still appreciate the screenshot like the one above.