Can I retrieve my wallet from a ledger rekey? algofi

I rekeyed my ios mobile wallet and came to find out algofi does not support ledger transactions. i cannot sign any transactions. Ledger/Algo wallet works with yieldly and governance so i assumed it worked with algofi.

can i somehow remove the wallet from the nano x? or is it that once your wallet is in the ledger that is the end of the road.

any help or advice would be appreciated

Which transactions are failing? Which wallet are you using via which mechanism?
A priori Ledger can sign any transaction that is useful for dApps (assuming your Ledger is fully up to date).

That being said, you can un-rekey an account using the goal command line.
I’m not sure whether you can do it from the official Algorand wallet itself.

hi thank you,

algofi is not supported by ledger so the transactions are failing.

I tested reverting a rekeyed address in the algorand mobile wallet and was successful. i am unsure if doing so in an opted in addresss will affect algofi contracts in some way and make things worse

if you rekey an address in your algorand mobile wallet (ios) to your ledger nano x address, you can easily rekey back to the original address by simply choosing the original address during the process. all original functionality returns. no sdk/api required

Hi Macnet,

I am in the same situation that you were in. I rekeyed my original Algo Wallet to my Nano X while I still had my tokens within the lending protocol. Now the tokens are stuck and unable to move due to the incompatibility of the protocol with the ledger.

I noticed you mentioned that you can rekey back to the original address by choosing the original address within the mobile app, but I do not see this option.

Would you mind guiding me through this fix?

Thank you.

this was before pera but i would try just the same. try rekeying from within the wallet options then choose the exact same wallet address your using. it worked fine for me no issues

Thanks for the reply Macnet,

I’m still unable to see this option. The only rekeying it allows is to a new ledger. Does not let me rekey to my previous address.