Rekey Algo Wallet. Funds now stuck in Yieldly

After receiving a Ledger Nano X and rekeying my account in the official Algo Wallet I went online to the wallet.myalgo and went to move some funds off Yieldly.

The issue that is arising is the wallet is set at the original address not the rekeyed one. Is there anyway to “unkey” a rekeyed address and reclaim my Algo from Yieldly?

Hey @jwdavis56,

Unfortunately in the Algorand Wallet, you can only rekey an account to a Ledger device. Which means if you originally had the account paired to Ledger A and then rekeyed it to Ledger B, you could rekey it back to the original A.

If you have the passphrase to your original account, you can likely do this but it will require using developer tools (goal or the SDKs). You can check out for more details on how to do this.


I get that devices can be rekeyed my real issues is that I had put funds from a wallet into Yieldly. After doing this I added (rekeyed) that wallet using a recently purchased Ledger Nano X. The rekeyed account is not recognized by Yieldly as the original address differs from the approval address (provided by the Ledger)

So until Yieldly offers support for wallets that have been rekeyed or use a ledger device, funds that have been allocated to a Yieldly before a rekey event are most likely stuck there?

Appreciate the help on this.


I was saying that in my previous message, if you have the passphrase to the original account (the one that was rekeyed) you might be able to use a dev tool to rekey it back. I was saying that in the Algorand Wallet, you currently can only rekey to a Ledger Nano X. You can’t rekey an account to a different 25-word mnemonic.

So your options are to request that Yieldly works with rekeyed accounts OR go to the website I linked above to see how to do reverse the rekeying manually.

Does that make sense?

Aye it makes sense. No easy way to go about it.

Thank you,

Unfortunately you’re finding yourself in this somewhat sticky situation. Definitely good feedback to hear from you though. We can also see what we can move around on the Algorand Wallet roadmap.

That being said, definitely make sure that Yieldly understands your issue, this will likely come up again (whether it be with Algorand Wallet or some other app)

Sounds good I will reach out to their telegram account.

Appreciate the insight with this as well. New technology will always come with new quirks as it grows.

Have a great one!