Algorand Wallet rekeying bug


I was trying to rekeying my Algorand wallet (let’s called Wallet1), in IOS. After the rekeying, a new wallet was created (wallet2). In my Ledger live what I see is Wallet2. However, if I try a transaction from Wallet1 to Wallet2, Wallet1 try to validate the transaction through Ledger device. I haven’t fund Wallet2 since at this point the behavior is too unexpected, but if I try a $0 transaction from Wallet2 the IOS app try to connect to Ledger unsuccessfully, after showing an error that I assume as consequence of the Wallet2 not having any funds.
I would like to make sure it work as expected, but also I’m willing to troubleshoot with you to make sure we make it better.

It looks like you also emailed our support team and they’ve sent you a response there. We’ll continue the discussion there and we can post our findings here for others too.


Hi Ian,

I haven’t received any mail from the support team, checked spam and other folders as well.


This sounds similar to the issue I raised about a week ago: Algorand Ledger Nano X issues - #3 by UweA

I haven’t been contacted since, I assume you are working on it?

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No, not contacted yet.

Hi again,

I confirmed that I sent you an email before but I sent it again to you today.

Feel free to copy any details you’d like shared here.


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