Algorand Rekeyed Wallets not working in official wallet app?

Anybody else receiving an error when trying to send assets from a rekeyed wallet public address? I rekeyed my original wallet on the Algorand Wallet application to work with my Ledger. I was able to send and receive funds to the rekeyed wallet before, and I’m still able to sign my transactions with my ledger, but now when I try to click send Algos after signing, I receive a 400 error saying the following:

“Unexpected 400 Bad Request…transaction (transaction #) should have been authorized by (Rekeyed wallet address) but was actually authorized by (my auth address)”

I did email the wallet feedback email too and figure someone from the team will get back to me this week, but I’m also trying to check and see if I should be doing further troubleshooting on my end.

Hey there,

Thanks for reporting this issue (and I see the corresponding wallet-feedback email). As we look into it, could you tell us whether this is Android or iOS? Thanks!


Hi Ian,

I’m on iOS.


Hey again, would you please email us at your account address? You could post it here as well but if you prefer it to be private, you can email us.

In the email, please include a screenshot of the error message so that we can dig into it. Thanks!


Thanks–just sent an email.