Pera Wallet - cant send out error

Hello all.

I recently had to reset my iphone. I assume this rekeyed my Pera wallet (although I am a noob and not totally sure to be honest). Anyways, I went to send out Algo from the wallet today, and I got an error message “This account has been rekeyed. Please recover this account with a passphrase or Ledger device.” I can see my account, balance, etc. I just cant send anything. I attempted to recover my account via passphrase, but it says the account is already in use. I guess it says this since my account is already in the wallet. Is the fix something as simple as I can delete the account from the wallet, and then recover it using passphrase and all will be well? Im really at a loss here.

I am sorry for your experience.

Resetting the phone should not rekey the account.
Rekeying usually only happens when you switch your account to a Ledger. Did you switch your account to Ledger?

You may get faster help by directly posting on Pera Wallet Discord: Pera Wallet