Lost Algorand face ID unlock

Hello… hoping to get some help for a noob

I got a new iphone and my face ID unlock relation to my Algo wallet was lost in the process. I don’t have my 25 word key and i dont actually remember being given that (ive saved it for other wallets). Can i recover with my email or password or anything ??

Hi @Kalgomehta, you’ll need your 25-word passphrase to recover your account. Your biometrics only serve to unlock the app, and aren’t tied to your specific account. You 25-word recovery passphrase is necessary to gain access to an account. I’d recommend trying to get this from your old phone.

Hi @ian i can’t seem to find it in my notes… my new phone was restored from my old one. Is there anything I can do ??

Unfortunately without your 25-word recovery passphrase, you won’t be able to access your account. We urge you to record your 25-word passphrase during account creation in case something like this ever happens.

While I wish I could help more, my only suggestion would be to see if you can access the Algorand Wallet app from your old phone.

Could you back track from my withdrawals from Coinbase or something ? I don’t seem to have it anywhere and I don’t remember being suggested this. What is the QR code function ?

Hi @ian is there anything I can do ? We can prove transfer history ? Ledger right