Account recovery

I have been using the algorand mobile wallet and recently had to get a new phone. Stupidly I never saved my passphrase outside of the phone ( I was not expecting to need a new phone ) hindsight sucks, and I messed up. Is there no other way for me to recover this account? Or is this a lesson learned the hard way?

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Your passphrase as in the 24 words? If you don’t have those, you’re out of luck. If you have those, then the password to access the app itself doesn’t matter. You can restore with the 24 words. If you happened to store on a Ledger, then the app itself can just be reinstalled and reconnected to the Ledger. Then ‘create’ the wallet again which basically just gives a ‘name’ to the wallet on your Ledger. -Pk

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Hi, never forget this :point_down:

Check subtitles

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