Help me, I forgot the password because I changed my cellphone

Help me, I forgot the password because I changed please help me

You can use seedphrase to restore account. Password is just a 6 digit app locker and has nothing to do with your account.

I forgot phase sir,Could you help me

If you lose your phrase there is no way to get it back. End of the road.

how about this app

Pada tanggal Rab, 17 Nov 2021 13.43, Sid via Algorand <> menulis:

there is no way how algorand private key can be restored…

any websites that promise to do so are most probably scams that aims to get to your private key

however this website just seems that generates the vanity address or something like that… you should provide link, not screenshot

if one does not write down the mnemonic as requested when he does the new account, there is no way to recover the mnemonic… if someone would find a way, whole cryptomarket would crash to zero price because you can steal money from any account

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