How do I destroy an ASA (algorand standard asset) I just created using Dappflow?

I am a complete newb, so please forgive my ignorance, and also please realize, I may need some step by step help. That’s why I was using Dappflow, it was easy, (fantastic app) to make a mistake.

I just created an asset using Dappflow, and due to my previous experience creating ERC20 tokens, I made a mistake when putting in the total supply. I made it 100 times larger than I wanted due to the two decimal spots. 1 Trillion vs the desired 10 Billion. Apparently ASAs do not require this calculation.

I want to delete the asset and make a new one with the correct desired number of tokens. Is it possible? Is there a step by step tutorial, perhaps easy interface, or would someone walk me through the steps, assuming I know nothing about developing ?

Also once deleted, will the asset or its associations be no longer searchable?

Thank you in advance.

It looks like I figured it out. There is an option within Dappflow. First, select Asset Manager then look for the hamburger menu button to the right of the asset name you want to delete. Within that menu there is a delete button. You will need to authorize the transaction with your connected wallet, but it was that easy.

Cheers all