How to develop dApps on Algorand?

I started reading about Algorand and found in some of the Medium posts that some partner companies are developing dApps, so I started with the developer documentation. All the SDK’s and REST API’s only had functions related to creating, signing and posting transactions. I also followed this Medium post to create my example coin.

Now I have understood that Algorand can be used for

  1. Transactions
  2. Some sort of ledger by using the Note field of the transactions (not sure how)

Can someone please explain if there is any way to run logic (maybe in form of code) on the blockchain? If no, then how can Algorand be used for dApps?

i guess smart contract is not supported for now.

Currently we do not have Smart Contract support. We are working on Smart Contract type project now and will update when we have details. That said you can build layer 2 apps on the chain now. You can writeup up to 1k of arbitrary data or structured objects in every transaction.