How to disconnect from Algorand Mobile Wallet/ WalletConnect using reach?

Hello guys,

So I’m working on reach and algorand mobile wallet / WalletConnect to add the wallet to my dapp. I connect it successfully but I am unable to find a way to disconnect it. In the official docs of WalletConnect there is a killSession() function. I was wondering, how to killSession() using reach for connections with algorand mobile wallet/walletConnect.

This is how I’m connecting right now:

reach.setWalletFallback(reach.walletFallback({ providerEnv: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_NETWORK_MODE, WalletConnect })); const account = await reach.getDefaultAccount()

This is how I’m making the QR code to pop up, but not sure how to disconnect.P.s Adding this via reach is a must.