How to distinguish assets?

Hi everyone,
We have understood the following sentence on the ASA main page that there is a possibility to identify in which category an asset belongs to with the help of asa:

With Algorand Standard Assets you can represent stablecoins, loyalty
points, system credits, and in-game points, just to name a few examples.

But we haven’t found out how we can distinguish out of the asset data in which category the asset belongs to?
Is there a possibility to read it out, maybe from address patterns, or something else?

Your help would be appreciated. Best regards

I’m not really sure what you mean here - an ASA is an asset…

Please explain what you mean…

It is all one type of token… something like erc20 with note field support, multisig support, rekeying support… and not requirement of having the source code

you can create asa with simple api call to algod

if you specify in the url json file from ipfs with the standard you can set your asa a picture and description for usage… see ARC-0003 standard … some nft servers / algo explorers are already supporting this


To complement @scholtz’s response, if you want to detect some specific types of asset, you will need to understand how these assets are defined by the various stakeholders and design your own filter.

But in many cases, on Algorand as on other blockchains, there is no way to distinguish what an asset is for: a stable coin will look like a loyalty point or a wrapped Bitcoin on the chain. You would need out-of-chain information to distinguish those.