Can you distinguish between NFT and security token?

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We try to run some queries on some data of the Algorand blockchain. The goal of one of our queries would be to find the amount of NFTs or any other asset are hold in an account. When I look through the data and through the indexer, it seems that it is not possible to distinguish what kind of asset is hold in an account. Are assets categorized in Algorand - or is it basically not possible to distinguish between different assets? If there were categories somewhere, could you help where to find this categorization?
I expected it either in data/basics/userBalance → asset-id [indexer - Algorand Developer Portal] (but the id is not really documented, so I assume it is just a unique identification number) or data/transactions/asset AssetParams [indexer - Algorand Developer Portal] (but found nothing helpful in the schema).

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Each asa is a token. Token which was issued as NFT should comply with ARC-0003 standard (url points to some more info) … Prior addopting this standard there were some other proprietary nft services so you may never know…

The question in your title about security tokens… I dont know if any asa is really the security token. Can you define security token in your sense?

For example Vote Coin is the utility token, but it has its price… It is possible to trade at these places Trade vote coin - VoteCoin … But ability to swap it to other tokens does not make it security token.

These are guides to differenciate token as security or utility in the means of enlisting token to KuCoin: Guidelines on the Legal Opinion Required for Projects to Launch on KuCoin ( Without )(1).pdf - Google Drive

Perhaps what you want to do is to get the portfolio value from the specific address… This can be done for example with api… if they have trading pool you can transform the asset value to other token value… when you do it enough times, you get the value in usdc or algo … you can use for example official open source sdks for this eg GitHub - pactfi/pact-js-sdk: JavaScript SDK for Pact smart contracts

Thank you for your answer.
Do we understand it correctly, that we cannot distinguish which asset follows which token standard?
Our goal would be to find all NFTs which are stored in accounts. Currently, we are using the indexer to populate a postgres and want to run the queries on this data.

Did you read the the ARC-0003 standard?

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