How to find the address of a smart contract?

Hello everyone

We have found the following sentence on this page:

When a smart contract is deployed to the Algorand blockchain it is
assigned a unique identifier, called the app id. Additionally, every
smart contract has a unique Algorand address that is generated from this
specific ID. The address allows the smart contract to function as an
escrow account. To see the specific address of the smart contract the goal app info command can be used.

Now we know that we can read out the unique identifier from the txn data, but how can we find out the address of the smart contract with this data?

Additionally, does a smart contract address differ to a user address? E.g. Does it follow a special pattern?

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Check this out: logic — algosdk documentation

Example: algosdk.logic.get_application_address(1234)

The user inputs an appid and it returns an Algorand Address for the application to be used for inner txns. You can send algo to this address!

Hope this helps!


Thank you @ncoin. We are trying it out!