Ideas to Boost Algorand DeFi for GP11 & Beyond

Hey - welcome to the community!

I’m not sure if you’re planning on spending more time in the Algorand world, but it’s nice to see some folks from the EVM space test the waters over here.

I agree with your view regarding the GP10 vote. As I was voting and seeing the totals I was a bit disheartened by the way it was going. It seemed that some good legitimate projects were being excluded. However that is the expression of the community, and for better or worse you have to take it for what is is and get whatever insight possible from it.

Anyway, onto the ideas
1 - Interesting idea, according to John there will be a ‘hybrid’ model in place prior to full P2P, and relays will likely be available as a paid service as you mentioned: P2p participation nodes vs. relay nodes - #13 by JohnWoods

2 - We have a couple of DeFi protocols set to go cross-chain, though maybe you are aware of these, since you mentioned Folks and Tiny in your examples.

I’m not sure of the strategy to attract cross-chain users, as I admittedly haven’t been following the roadmap. They are both set to release tokens $TINY and $FOLKS, which would probably play heavily into that strategy.

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