Indexer GET /v2/assets/{asset-id}/balances

Any one can explain why this method, specifing the round, is giving every time the same result?
So something like this: I think this should give no address in the list This is after the round of the optin, so I think it should give 0 as balance

Then I try with other rounds and is giving the same value of that address (I haven’t seen the txs but with another address which I know the txs is specifing the round seems to be useless as it gives the current amount)

Yes, i have reported this some time ago…

This unimplemented parameter is removed by #872

Strange … why the issue has been closed? i really need to know the balances of the account at specific round.

Should I create new indexer with this capability?

Hi, thanks, yes this would be really a killer feature. Wonder why this parameter has been inserted but not supported. Initially I thought that was feature disabled by the specific apis that I was using.