Indexer Release 2.13.0 (Wed July 27)

Indexer 2.13.0 will be released tomorrow Wed July 27, 2022 at 9:30AM EDT (1:30 PM UTC).

Important Notice

A new --catchpoint option should be provided when upgrading from an earlier version of Indexer, or provisioning a new writer for an existing database. This option will run a fast catchup routine that initializes the data directory. Detailed instructions are available here.

This process may take 30 minutes or more.


Local account cache

In this release, we have added an account cache to the Indexer data directory. It is used during block processing to optimize internal data access. Processing is now simpler, faster, and no longer depends on postgres.

For more details, refer to the Data Directory documentation.

What’s Changed


Not Yet Enabled


Full Changelog: Comparing 2.12.4...2.13.0 · algorand/indexer · GitHub