Insider Buying and Transparency Reports

I would like to know if any key members of the Algorand Foundation or Algorand, Inc. have purchased Algo with their own fiat currency within the last year or so. I briefly looked through the latest transparency report and only saw information about selling/vesting. I do not want to know how much Algo is held by these individuals as I understand Algo could have been provided in a compensation package. Again, I want to know if any key members used their own fiat currency to purchase Algo from the market like a retail individual would do if they believed Algorand was a promising investment or worthwhile for some other reason. I understand “key members” is not a precise term, but I think several individuals would obviously fall into this category. I would also like to know if the Algorand Foundation or Algorand, Inc. themselves used fiat to purchase Algo at any point. I think the value of such information is obvious, and would be important to include in any future transparency report.


In addition to transparency reports on insider buying, insider selling would be even more important for the public to know, as a large increase in insider selling might indicate these insiders losing faith in the future of Algorand.

I also suspect a lot of the insiders have already received their Algos and are active only on the selling side instead of buying even more.

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I very much agree that the selling of Algo by key members would also be important information for a transparency report. However, we would likely then need more details about the contracts for key members as various amounts of selling could be reasonable in different compensation packages. And I am not knowledgeable enough about this area to say that requiring such detail is reasonable.

Nonetheless, the overall points remain valid… (1) More detail in the transparency reports about the buying and selling of key members is important information for Algo holders and potential investors. (2) Including some level of information about the buying and selling of key members in a transparency report is a reasonable request if transparency is indeed a serious concern of the Algorand Foundation and Algorand, Inc.

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